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Meet the Team


Mrs. Seymour Smith, Mrs. Nash and Miss. Haslam

Teaching Assistants 

Mrs. Silvester and Mrs. Ah Tou Thomson

As a critical worker, if you are unable to provide child care and need to use school then please book a place on School's Gateway (PG Club) as early as possible. The register closes at 10pm  for the following day and if no one is booked in, school will remain closed for that day.

Home Learning - There will be no home learning set for the holidays.

Please follow this link for activities to complete at home.

We understand that you might not have a printer, therefore just write answers in your home learning journey. Some will need no recording and will just be an activity to work on together. Feel free to add anything else that you do in your home learning journey and on our 'Stay Connected' page.

Follow this link for our 'Stay Connected' page.

Whole School Home Learning ideas

Useful Links

ELSA - Supporting Emotional Literacy