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School Uniform

Pownall Green badged uniform items can be purchased from Monkhouse in Cheadle Hulme or via their website, www.monkhouse.com .  Other items are widely available.

Grey pinafore dress / skirt
Classic cut grey trousers / shorts
Summer dress in yellow/white check
Gold embroidered sweatshirt / cardigan
Short sleeved embroidered yellow polo shirt
Grey tights
Grey socks (white alternative for girls)
Brown or black shoes (not trainers)
A warm outdoor coat (embroidered fleeces and waterproof coats are available)
Jewellery is not permitted at school. Stud earrings are allowed and must be removed during PE lessons. Watches are allowed.

A book bag (available from Monkhouse)

Please ensure all items are named and, if lost, we will endeavour to return them to their owner!

PE uniform (kept in a drawstring bag on cloakroom peg/locker)


T – shirt in house colour (red, blue, green or yellow)
Black or white shorts
Lightweight pumps (not trainers)


T – shirt in house colour (red, blue, green or yellow)
Black or white shorts
Tracksuits may be worn in colder weather

Earrings - Just a reminder that when children are taking part in PE lessons or extra-curricular sport activities, long hair must be tied back and all jewellery must be removed. This included stud earrings. If for any reason earrings cannot be removed, your child may place a plaster over earrings and will still be able to take part in the activities. Children will be required to cover their own earrings before activities. Alternatively, children may wish to arrive at school with their earrings already covered on days when they will be partaking in physical activities.

For this reason, we would advise that children wait until the summer holidays to have their ears pierced, rather than during term time.


Children should wear swimming costumes which are not loose fitting. Children with long hair should wear a swimming cap. Our swimming coach requests that goggles are not worn unless there is a medical need.