Reception News

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Welcome to Reception's News

Meet the Team

Teachers Mrs. Williams (RHW) and Miss. Harmer (RHH)   

Teaching Assistants Mrs Newsome, Mr Clarke and Mrs Brownlow 

     Important Dates to Remember!    

Reception Picnic for children and parents together:

- RHH Tuesday 9th July / RHW Wednesday 10th July

(Please bring a picnic for yourself and your child and a blanket to sit on.

We will be outside if weather permits and in PG Club if it's wet!)

Race for Life - Friday 12th July - Reception 2.20pm

Open Morning: Monday 22nd July 8.30 - 9.30am

Come and see your child's classroom and complete an activity together.

Then go and meet their new teacher!

School Closes - Friday 26th July

Other notes!

On sunny days please could you put sun cream on your child at home

and send them in with a sun hat - many thanks!

Check out our Curriculum Page for more information

and the PG Life Blog Page to see photographs of us

playing and learning together.

So what's happening in Reception?

This week our story is 'Jack and the Beanstalk'

We have planted our own cress seeds and are watching them grow!

We really enjoyed our trip to Macclesfield Forest!

We learnt a lot about different animals and their habitats,

went on a mini beast hunt and built dens together.

In our classrooms our caterpillars have turned into chrysalides!

Ideas for Learning at Home 

Have fun playing and learning together!


Reading and Writing

Read your reading book, library book and share other stories together.

What's your favourite book? Why?

What's your favourite part of the 'The Gruffalo' story? Why?

Letters and Sounds

           ( - free phonics games on this website, no need to subscribe)

Can you remember these tricky sounds?

ch  sh  th  ng  ai  ee  oa  oo  ar  or  ur  ow  igh  oi  er  ear  air  ure

New sounds - ay ou ie ea oy ir ue aw wh ph ew oe au ey

 Split vowel digraphs - a-e (eg: made, cake) e-e (eg: Pete) i-e (eg: like, time)

                   o-e (eg: bone, home) u-e (eg: rule, June)

                                        Be a tricky sound detective!

Can you find any words with these sounds in them

in the books that you are reading?

Tricky words to practise:

I the to no go into he she we me be you are her was all they my

said have like so do some come little one were there what when out

oh old their people house about Mr. Mrs. don't by looked time your called asked


              ( - for games you can play to help you practise your maths skills!) 

We are working within numbers to 20.

Can you count 20 objects? What's the quickest way to count them?

Can you make the numbers 11 to 20 in different ways?

We are practising our adding and subtraction skills too.

Can you write your own calculations?

Weekly Timetables