Reception News

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Welcome to Reception's News

Meet the Team

Teachers Mrs. Williams (RHW) and Miss. Harmer (RHH)   

Teaching Assistants Mrs Newsome, Mr Clarke and Mrs Brownlow 

     Important Dates to Remember! 

School closes Friday 20th December 

Other notes!

Check out our Curriculum Page for more information.

So what's happening in Reception?

This week we are going to be reading stories about Elmer the elephant.

Ideas for Learning at Home 

Have fun playing and learning together!

Can you remember the story of Elmer?

Which is your favourite jungle animal?


Reading and Writing

Share and read stories together every day!

Letters and Sounds

           ( - free phonics games on this website, no need to subscribe)

Sounds to practise: s a t p i n m d g o c k e u r h b f l j v w x

This week's sounds: y z qu

Can you think of any words beginning with these sounds?

 Can you write any words beginning with these sounds like: yet, zip, quiz

Tricky words to practise:

to the no go I  and he she (go on a tricky word hunt!)

Can you spot any tricky words in the books you read?


              ( - for games you can play to help you practise your maths skills!) 

We are practising our numbers to 10

Can you count 10 objects in lots of different ways?

Weekly Timetables