Reception News

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Welcome to Reception's News

Meet the Team

Teachers Mrs. Williams (RHW) and Miss. Harmer (RHH)   

Teaching Assistants Mrs Newsome, Mr Clarke and Mrs Brownlow 

     Important Dates to Remember!    

Our curriculum meeting is on Thursday 26th September 7-8pm

Other notes!

Check out our Curriculum Page for more information

and the PG Life Blog Page to see photographs of us

playing and learning together.

We will soon be sending you photographs via Seesaw.

So what's happening in Reception?

This week we are reading the story:

'Harry and the Dinosaurs go to School'

Ideas for Learning at Home 

Have fun playing and learning together!


Reading and Writing

Sing nursery rhymes and share stories together.

Letters and Sounds

           ( - free phonics games on this website, no need to subscribe)

This week's sounds:

s  a  t  p

Can you find objects around the house beginning with these sounds?

Tricky words to practise:

 the to I no go 


              ( - for games you can play to help you practise your maths skills!) 

This weeks numbers: 1 - 5

Can you count different objects up to 5

Weekly Timetables