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We love the Outdoors!

Love learning, love life!

Outdoor Learning allows children to develop new skills and ideas through Forest School activities. In our natural woodland setting, children will ‘learn through nature’ making new friendships, developing self-confidence and building self-esteem.















 As experienced practitioners, in children’s learning and development, we recognise that children learn in different ways. It is a chance for everyone to ‘shine and succeed’ in the woods, learn new skills, develop new interests and feel relaxed. The natural environment is very different to a classroom situation, which is why all children can succeed through exploration, trial and error, team work and problem solving. This experience builds resilience, a positive growth mind set and allows our children to set their own personal goals and challenges where they can thrive and feel the joy of success


Our woodland area provides a wealth of opportunities for a variety of exciting activities including: links to the national curriculum, building fires and safe fire lighting, den building for a variety of situations, safe tool use, making woodland crafts and much more.